Moving out…in…maybe?

So, we did a thing. My 90-year-old father-in-law had a spell and it’s been decided that he can’t live on his own. His mind is sharp but his body decided not to cooperate.

When the in-laws moved down south to be closer to us, they built their new home to retire in. Grab bars, walk in tub, single level living. It’s a great little patio home with really caring neighbors. It makes sense to move in with him since the house is set up for aging. It’s now my new home.

He’s pretty easy to spend time with, but it’s a whole new ballgame to live with him. Worrying about stepping on toes, taking over his space while feeling like it’s truly my home as well. I’m not sure what to do with myself at times and that can be uncomfortable. How much of my stuff do I bring over? If I spend time at my other house I feel guilty about not being at his house. Cleaning 2 houses (I really hate cleaning) and keeping up 2 yards is a lot of work. It’s a big balancing act that I haven’t mastered.

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